Why HPM Australia

We recognise that there are a myriad of challenges in the accommodation and tourism sector. Not just for large multi-site operations but also for Local Government and Private Park owners.

HPM Australia was started to assist all Caravan Park businesses our unique be lend strategic and operational skills means that we are able to extend across many areas. This has been a tremendously satisfying outcome for us, we love helping people to get the best out of their business. Being able to provide simple, timely and affordable solutions again and again has HPM Australia engaged with some of the most exciting new projects for Caravan Parks in Australia.

Paul Stuart-Higgs

Extensive Australian and International Experience Paul`s career includes significant experience in the Tourism, Leisure, Facility Management, and the Accommodation ...

Peter Woolman

Extensive operations experience Peter Woolman is the Co-Director of HPM Consultants. Peter has grown up learning and developing his knowledge ...